Peep the Platform

Winning the Battle of Democracy

Virginia’s democracy is bought and sold behind closed doors. Candidates receive thousands in campaign donations from Dominion Power and Raytheon and then pass legislation to benefit their donors. Legislators draw districts to guarantee their reelection. Hundred of thousands of Virginians are denied their right to vote, either because they were convicted of a felony in the past, or the legislature has made the requirements for identification at the polls too difficult. The General Assembly does these things to protect the wealthy who exploit you!

If we are to fight back, the people must regain control of their General Assembly. Montigue T. Magruder is the speartip of the people’s power. Montigue T. Magruder doesn’t take money from corporations. As delegate, he will bring democracy to Virginia. With your help, all Virginians will have the right to vote in fair elections.

As your delegate, Montigue T. Magruder will fight:

  • To end gerrymandering and guarantee fair electoral districts.
  • To enact proportional representation for all federal, state, and local elections, so that every Virginian can be represented at all levels of government.
  • To require paper ballots in all elections, and require the ballots to be counted by hand on live video.
  • To enable voters to recall their elected representatives.
  • To establish a public financing system for campaigns that bans corporate donations.
  • To assist every locality to enact participatory budgeting, giving people the power to develop their own local budgets, within the next five years.
  • To guarantee the right to vote for all Virginians in the Constitution of Virginia. He will fight to eliminate the constitutional provision that takes the vote away from felons. He will also seek the abolition of Voter I.D. which was based on the classic, unproven “Voter Fraud” argument.

Full and Fair Funding for Education

Virginia’s schools are in crisis. While some schools prosper, others are on the verge of physically collapsing. The problem is so bad that the federal Department of Education has launched a civil rights investigation to determine if Richmond public schools are engaging in discrimination. Virginia’s schools are underfunded, and schools in need are not getting the funding they need. Meanwhile, students march to an endless drumbeat of Standards of Learning tests, some of them struggling through hunger, undiagnosed medical issues, or disabilities.

As your delegate, Montigue Magruder will fight:

  • To expand state funding for public schools, and direct state funding to the public schools that need it most.
  • To abolish Standards of Learning testing so that teachers can focus on educating children instead of teaching to the test.
  • To provide free preschool to all children, and two free years of college, vocational training, or apprenticeships.
  • To provide free meals and free medical, dental, and vision services to all students.
  • To ensure all public school districts are in compliance with the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act.
  • To prevent the privatization of public schools.
  • To create a non-Eurocentric school curricula that is inclusive of the histories and experiences of people of color.

Protecting the Environment

Dominion Power wants you to drink poison and pay for the privilege. The energy monopoly demands the right to pollute your rivers and groundwater – your drinking water – while raising rates on you to increase their profits. They’ve dumped toxic coal ash into the James and the Elizabeth, and they want to dump more. They’re charging you more so that they can make unnecessary upgrades to their nuclear plants. And they want to build the massive Atlantic Coast Pipeline cross your state – and it will leak, and it will poison your water. Meanwhile, Dominion refuses to build solar and wind power for Virginia, even though that would create more jobs.

How can Dominion get away with this? The General Assembly is bought and paid for with Dominion money. Your incumbent legislators take their money and pass laws to give Dominion a blank check over your natural resources and electricity. The General Assembly are so beholden to Dominion they even made it difficult for you to generate your own solar power.

Don’t let them get away with it! Montigue T. Magruder doesn’t take Dominion’s money.

As your delegate, Montigue T. Magruder will fight:

  • To shut down the Atlantic Coast and Mountain Valley Pipelines, and require the safe disposal of toxic coal ash away from rivers and drinking water sources.
  • To restore the public accountability of Dominion Power through review of its revenues by the State Corporation Commission.
  • To give local governments the authority to take control of the electrical grid, and provide electricity and Internet access for residents as a public utility.
  • To lift the restrictions on private and community solar power generation.
  • To repeal legislation allowing Dominion to charge ratepayers for upgrades to their nuclear power plants.
  • To expand funding for public transportation and direct transit expansion to low-income communities. This will aid in reducing poverty, air pollution, dependence on fossil fuels, and damage to infrastructure.

Advancing Human Rights

As Montigue’s fight for the 69th unfolds, Congress is working to take health care away from millions of Americans. The defenders of wealth want to take away everything that guarantees your right to live. They want to take away the right of safety from immigrants. They want to take away a woman’s right to safe reproductive health services and birth control. They want to deny the human dignity of the LGBTQ community. They want to deny you the right to quality public schools, health care, clean air, and affordable housing.

Montigue T. Magruder wants to make sure that these things stay yours. In most countries, health care, education, housing, clean air and water, and food are rights that are protected in their national constitutions. Montigue wants to do the same, and protect your rights to life’s basic necessities in the Constitution of Virginia.  

As your delegate, Montigue T. Magruder will fight:

  • To make Virginia a sanctuary state, legally preventing state and local law enforcement from cooperating with federal immigration officials.
  • To protect and advance reproductive justice, through free access and full funding for reproductive health services.
  • To protect LGBTQ people from discrimination, by including sexual orientation, gender identity, and gender expression in the Human Rights Act.
  • To guarantee every Virginian the right to clean air and water, food, health care, education, transportation, and safe and affordable housing. Such basic necessities would also be exempted from sales tax.
  • To exempt the families experiencing temporary hardships, such as the incarceration of the wage-earner, or major health problems from certain taxes.

From Order to Justice

Every day brings another story in the media of an outrage against justice, committed against the people by the criminal justice system. Unaccountable cops can kill you at a traffic stop or just take your property through civil asset forfeiture. Prisons are stuffed with people who were arrested for trying to survive, or for just being unruly students. And the warriors for wealth in the General Assembly want to give the police more protections, create more crimes, and make justice more expensive.

Montigue T. Magruder knows that the law should work for the people. He wants a system of justice, not a system of order. Resources must be directed away from the police and towards the uplift of our people and communities. Instead of creating new crimes, we should be creating public services to improve our communities. This is how we guarantee public safety.

As your delegate, Montigue T. Magruder will fight:

  • To end the School to Prison Pipeline by ending the referral of students to law enforcement.
  • To decriminalize marijuana, so that no one is arrested and imprisoned for the medical or recreational use of a harmless plant.
  • To decriminalize sex work, so that sex workers have access to the protection of the law.
  • To stop punishing the poor, by ending driver’s license suspension for offenses unrelated to driving, and eliminate defendant court costs.
  • To abolish civil asset forfeiture and end policing for profit.
  • To take state prisons back into public ownerships and end punishment for private profit.
  • To create elected community review boards for every police department, sheriff’s department, and juvenile correction facility in the Commonwealth, so that every community can hold their law enforcement accountable.
  • To demilitarize the police, by requiring law enforcement to return military equipment, and banning future acquisition of military and surveillance equipment.

Fighting for Workers

Without the brains and muscle of labor, society itself would collapse. Yet even as employers take more of our time, they give back less in wages. Right now, Virginia has one of the lowest minimum wages in the country. Many Virginians working full-time live below the poverty line. At the same time, the United States is one of the few countries in the world to lack paid leave laws. Federal law provides for workers to take unpaid leave, but for those with low incomes, that might as well be no leave at all. And more people are receiving less money as employers commit wage theft, and just plain don’t pay what they owe.

What can you do – join a labor union? The General Assembly has passed laws that prevent workers from protecting themselves by forming unions. Labor unions have to provide services to all the workers in a workplace, but is only allowed to collect dues from its members. Virginia’s laws bleed unions dry. Could you sue your boss? Virginia doesn’t allow workers to take their boss to court. Workers have to go through an underfunded and understaffed civil service at the state department of labor to report wage theft or other abuses.

As your delegate, Montigue Magruder will fight:

  • To increase the minimum wage to $26.80 per hour. This is what the minimum wage would be if it had grown at the same rate as the economy since 1968. However, Montigue recognizes that this could be a burden on some small businesses, and will make exceptions in law for businesses making less than $2 million in profit, and unionized businesses.
  • To establish and fund paid family and medical leave for all Virginians. The paid leave act would guarantee time off for as many as 120 days a year and provide at least 75% of a worker’s average income. Every worker is eligible for paid leave for pregnancy, adoption, and foster care, as well as personal or family leave.
  • To repeal anti-labor laws and allow labor unions to fund themselves and engage in collective bargaining for the benefit of all workers.
  • To allow you to take your boss to court if they do not pay you, by enacting a private right of action in civil court.
  • To fully staff and fund the offices responsible for the protection of labor in the Commonwealth of Virginia.
  • To provide $15,000 per year, without condition, to every Virginian.
  • To reduce inequality, rebuild our public services, and make the rich pay their fair share, by raising the income tax on people making more than $500,000 to 12%.