Supporting Home Care Workers

I can attest to the struggles Home Care workers face as I worked as one for 6 years.  The sacrifices they make to care for fellow human beings usually come with less than adequate pay, no benefits (like paid family leave), and no health insurance.

But this is not the fault of the families that hire health care workers. The problem is, is that the state doesn’t provide enough funding to pay Home Care workers what they rightfully earn. For example, Virginia pays no more than 40 hours per week to Home Care workers, who are usually paid at the $7.25/hr minimum wage. This is unacceptable as it contributes to the poverty experienced by 69th District residents.

That is why I am announcing my support for the Home Care Bill of Rights. If I am elected, I will make it a legislative priority to establish this important Bill of Rights. I encourage everyone to sign and then pressure any candidate running (here in the 69th District or elsewhere) to support and fight to establish the Home Care Bill of Rights.

You can read and sign the Home Care Bill of Rights here.