Why Is Montigue Running Again?

Montigue Magruder is running for the 69th district of the Virginia House of Delegates to build the greater good. Montigue began his political career when he served on the GRTC and Transit Study Task Force and spoke out against fare increases.

The Democrats and Republicans continue to offer us more of the same – the same wages, the same lack of health care and unaffordable housing, the same rich elite selling out the people to Dominion Power.

Montigue Magruder is not a member of Virginia’s elite. He’s not a member of the dead Democratic Party. And he doesn’t take money from Dominion Power or any other corporation out for your blood.

Montigue will fight for the people of Virginia. He will fight for higher wages, he will fight for universal health care and affordable housing, he will fight against the wealthy and the dirty hands of Dominion Power.

Above all, Montigue wants to fight FOR you and he wants to fight WITH you. Join Montigue in building the greater good!